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The Royal Kiss

I missed this one. Gaah, They’re so Lucky, I mean SHE’S SO LUCKY! She finally have her prince. I wish I can have mine too, right now. :D

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Celebrities revealed their Real Names

Got this list from Yahoo News. Kinda amazed by their real names!

  1. Lady Gaga real name (Stefani Germanotta)
  2. Pink real name (Alecia Moore)
  3. Flo Rida real name (Tramar Dillard)
  4. Miley Cyrus birth name (Destiny Hope Cyrus) - I love your name!
  5. Katy Perry real name (Katheryn Hudson)
  6. Eminem real name (Marshall Mathers)
  7. Snoop Dogg real name (Calvin Broadus)
  8. Fergie real name (Stacy Ann Ferguson)

I just posted some but you can see the whole list in Yahoo News. They should have use their real names, they aren’t that bad, right?

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Do You Still Remember Kim Possible?

I do! She’s one of my favorites way back then(childhood days) ;))

REBLOG if you love/like/watched Kim Possible Before when you were young! :p

Still remember the song?

Call me, beep me if ya wanna reach me

When ya wanna page me it’s okay

I just can’t wait until I hear my cell phone ring

Doesn’t matter where

Doesn’t matter when

I will be there for ya til the very end

Danger or trouble

I’m there on the double

You know that you always can call

Kim Possible!

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Lindsay Lohan’s Comeback

Lindsay Lohan is now back with her new role as a wife of John Gotti Jr. in the movie Gotti: Three Generations. However, another issue came that Lindsay will be in the court again for a necklace-theft case. I really don’t know if it’s really true, well I hope not. This is going to be her new start.

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